13 December 2004

13/12. Another transport substitute - Fly on the Wall

Sunday, December 12, 2004, Paris, France, Europe

From: The Commons and the New Mobility Agenda

One of the main threads of our interest in terms of technology and sustainability is the use of IT to substitutes for physical movements and thereby make major resource and time savings, while reducing emissions. Full background on this will be found via http://ericbrittononline.com and/or http://newmobilitypartners.org/.

One of these bits of technology that we both suggest to our colleagues world wide, and which we attempt to build into our own programs and efforts, is, let’s call it, IP broadcasting. The particular groups with whom we have worked most closely on this thus far is a young English media company, FlyOnTheWall - the Internet broadcasting company, for whom full details are available if you click here at http://www.flyonthewall.com/.

Here you have a short note on their services taken from their site:

Whether providing a live multi-camera broadcast, encoding and hosting a 30 second clip or providing coverage on-demand of a two-day conference, our experienced team allows clients to take maximum advantage of the latest Internet broadcast technologies. FlyOnTheWall is an award-winning streaming media solutions provider, offering:

· Live and on-demand webcasting
· Event filming
· Editing
· Encoding
· Hosting
· Audience measurement and tracking

Recent clients include JP Morgan, Orange, The Food Standards Agency, The Work Foundation, The World Technology Network and LG Electronics.

Full contact information:

Jason Gleave
Chief Executive
Studio 5, The Quadrangle
49 Atlanta StreetLondon,
SW6 6TUUnited Kingdom
T: +44 (0)20 7381 5500
E: london@flyonthewall.tv


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