14 December 2004

14/12. Update and extension of World Sustainability Resources Inventory

Tuesday, December 14, 2004, Paris, France, Europe

Source/Program: The Commons at http://ecoplan.org/

If you go to the latest edition of our Resource Inventory at http://ecoplan.org/general/resources.htm you will note that we have thus far identified URLs and short introductions covering a bit more than five hundred carefully selected programs and groups world wide, all of whom are laboring to do their part in the areas which are of interest to http://ecoplan.org/, if possible with a fifty word summary of content and orientation, and we will then add and post.

More cumbersome, you might want to step forward and give us a hand in doing the job of turning this into a proper database. We estimate that it will require a couple of days of meticulous work, and what we can offer is our thanks and recognition for your help.

Again, the Inventory is at http://ecoplan.org/general/resources.htm.


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