19 December 2004

19/12. Our Loeb Fellowship Program Nomination for 2005

From: Personal activity under The Commons

Today I had a chance to nominate another deserving person for one of the prestigious Loeb Fellowships at Harvard for the doming academic year. I very much enjoy being able to do this sort of thing because I believe that one of the major contributions someone with my concerns and networks can make in this beleaguered planet is exactly that: to spot outstanding people and programs that are getting some things right and then make them better known. And to the extent to which I can find various forms of support for them.

Just in case you don't know and are curious, I would invite you to have a look at the Loeb Web site at http://www.gsd.harvard.edu/professional/loeb_fellowship/. It just may give you some ideas.

And as always, we are on the lookout for exceptionally creative people in their respective fields, with an ability to transcend traditional boundaries, willingness to take risks, persistence in the face of personal and conceptual obstacles, capacity to synthesize disparate ideas and approaches. In short to do whatever it takes to make a difference and through their brains, energy and perseverance advance the sustainability agenda in their own chosen corner of the world.

Do you have a candidate for us for this or any of the other programs that we have the privilege to be able to advise or suggest? We are especially interested in hearing from you about creative people who are bold and risk taking – including mavericks and others who work outside of conventional reward systems. If you have any candidates for us, please let us know. (And who should know better than you?)

Eric Britton

The Commons: Increasing the uncomfort zone for hesitant administrators and politicians; pioneering new concepts for business, entrepreneurs, activists, community groups, and local government; and through our joint efforts, energy and personal choices, placing them and ourselves firmly on the path to a more sustainable and more just society.

Loeb Program Overview

The Loeb Fellowship was established in 1970 through the generosity of the late John L. Loeb, Harvard College '24. Based at the Graduate School of Design, the program offers ten annual postprofessional awards for independent study at Harvard. Through the Fellowship, participants have access to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School of Design, the Graduate School of Education, Harvard Business School, Harvard College, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard Law School, the Kennedy School of Government, and M.I.T.

The Fellowship is a unique opportunity to nurture the leadership potential of the most promising men and women in design and other professions related to the built and natural environment. It enhances the excellence of the GSD by exposing students to some of the most exciting midcareer professionals in their fields. John Loeb realized this potential when he endowed the Loeb Fellowship to fill a special place in American education: one that would greatly increase the practical effectiveness of the design professions. Now entering its fourth decade, with over 300 alumni, the Fellowship has made substantial progress toward that goal.

We invite you to explore the Loeb Fellowship Web Site. Please check on the current Loeb Fellowship Events and see what is planned on our calendar. You may read about our Current Fellows or visit some of the Loeb Sponsored Sites. You may also use the Loeb Links to connect to several useful Harvard informational sources related to the Loeb Fellowship's academic pursuit. Fellowship Application Information is also available on-line.


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